What is mindfulness?

The function of mindfulness is to awaken the inner workings of our whole being: physical, mental, and emotional. 

As humans, we can regain control, no matter how far away we are from the present reality.As a definition, we can live moments fully, and secondly, to be aware of what is happening to us and everything around us, without being overwhelmed or overreacting. Stress reduction, productivity, clarity of mind, and improved brain function are among the many benefits of mindfulness. Nevertheless, mindfulness should always be considered a practice rather than an obsession.

How to practice mindfulness:
If practiced correctly and consistently, mindfulness has many benefits. Only regular practice produces results. Mindfulness produces a succession of positive changes (including kindness and patience), which, in turn, generate more significant progress that also affects our relationships with others. 

Here’s how to activate it:

Dedicate a little time. You don’t have to go to the expense or expense of getting the special equipment to access your mindfulness skills – all you need is a little time and space.

Respect the present moment as it is. The goal of mindfulness is not to silence the mind nor attempt to achieve a state of absolute calm. The goal is simple: we want to be aware of the present moment without judgment. It is easier said than done, we know.

Judgments will come. Let them pass. It is a fact that our mind will overthink so that when decisions arise during our practice, we can let them disappear into thin air without losing our concentration. 

Come back to the present moment as it is. Our minds are constantly working, and mindfulness allows you to consider each thought in a meaningful way. So when your studies get carried away, practice recognizing that act and returning to the present moment.

Practice coming back to the present moment. Don’t judge yourself because of the thoughts that suddenly pop up, but practice recognizing when your mind goes astray and bring it back while registering each breath.

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