What is precisely sophrology?


Sophrology is a mind-body method based on relaxation techniques and breathing. It is a synthesis of Eastern meditation, yoga, and Western relaxation techniques.The term sophrology, inspired by ancient Greek, means the study of the harmonization of consciousness.Used as a therapeutic technique or lived as a philosophy of life, sophrology develops consciousness by acting on the body and mind to find harmony between the two. In other words, it allows finding the balance between emotions, thoughts, and the body.


Sophrology aims to improve the quality of life of individuals.This discipline uses techniques and combines exercises that work on breathing, muscle relaxation, and visualization to relax and find a state of serenity and well-being.It is an effective tool to develop a better knowledge of oneself. It helps to work on one’s values to use one’s potential better.Sophrology allows mobilizing one’s energy, abilities, capacities, and resources to manage one’s emotions, chase away fear, anxiety, tension, stress, and consequently, face daily challenges with serenity.It also allows you to energize your qualities, optimize your possibilities and gain self-confidence to apprehend the future positively and objectively.


Sophrology is very useful for people who suffer from difficulties falling asleep, insomnia, or night wakings and who do not benefit from recuperative rest.It improves the quality of sleep, promotes recovery, and helps to fight against sleep disorders.


 It allows you to find a Zen and serene mind.It acts on symptoms such as insomnia, tensions, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders. In the professional environment, sophrology helps to manage stressful situations, improves communication, and boosts motivation.It helps to cross a situation, face the contrarieties, and overcome difficult moments like mourning, divorce, or others. It teaches you to let go and better manage your emotions.


Sophrology helps pregnant women live the last months of pregnancy with more serenity and confidence.This practice helps to reduce the stress, fear, and pains related to childbirth. It allows the mother-to-be to have a more positive approach to delivery and helps her accept the physical changes in her body.


Pain is either the manifestation of a disorder of the organism or a psychosomatic reaction. In both cases, sophrology can calm the pain and help the patient better support it and live with it.Complement/accompaniment of medical treatment. Sophrology helps to accept a severe health problem and to apprehend it with some distance.Sophrology can also accompany a medical treatment such as chemotherapy. It helps the patient mobilize the necessary energy during the period of treatment, find a certain vitality, and find a good quality of life in everyday life.