What are the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation?


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian term composed of two words. « Ho’o » means: to begin an action. « Pono » means goodness, righteousness, honesty, integrity, purity, morality, benevolence, perfection.The concept of Pono is one of the foundations of Hawaiian philosophy. To live Pono is to live « aligned », « centered », « in balance », « in forgiveness ».The concept of Pono even appears to be central to Hawaiian culture. Ho’oponopono, therefore, means to set things right, to correct, to harmonize, to cleanse, to act correctly in the direction of forgiveness. 

Ho’oponopono has been passed down orally from generation to generation. It was initially a ritual of forgiveness and reconciliation to help restore peace within oneself and pacify relationships within a community. It brought reconciliation and restored balance through mediation and mutual forgiveness. 

Ho'oponopono lessons :

-Physical reality is a creation of our thoughts.
-A resentful and angry thought will create a resentful and angry reality. 
-A right and caring thought will create a right and caring reality.
-We are 100% responsible for our reality.
-Everything is inside. Nothing is outside.
-Peace begins within.

It amplifies and ameliorates your inner well-being

It amplifies and ameliorates your inner well-being. The Ho'oponopono approach allows us to free ourselves from our emotions that condition our reactions and behaviors. Because we have not always been taught to express our feelings, identify them and release them as they arise, they accumulate and form an emotional body. Ho'oponopono allows us to find and detach ourselves from this pile of emotions buried within us. It is to become aware of oneself and to give less importance to the outside. Practicing the Ho'oponopono method is also about reconciling with oneself through forgiveness. It is practiced differently from meditation that allows access to inner peace. It is necessary to consider that we are responsible for our words and our actions. They have a direct impact on the events of our lives. It is also to accept what is, without judgment of good or evil. Getting it as an experience that goes through us allows us to grow, evolve, and then implement thoughts and actions to change the situation. Suppose we cannot change others or certain inescapable events in our lives. In that case, we can change our way of looking at these things and modify our way of approaching life, thinking, speaking, and acting. It will ultimately change our experiences. Practicing Ho'oponopono involves saying four words out loud or in your head. By saying the four words: Sorry, I'm sorry, Thank you, I love you, we become more caring and positive in our daily lives. These words must be spoken consciously and come from the heart, without forcing ourselves